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1st October

The seeds that we blocked over a month ago, are looking fantastic and will be needing planted pretty soon, the only problem we might have is that the tunnels are still full of produce.
We have three thousand Giant red Celery, ten thousand Spring Onions, three thousand Pak Choy, two thousand Red Pak Choy, three thousand Chicory, three thousand Spring Cabbage, three thousand Coriander and two thousand Tatsoi.
All of these plants should sit in the tunnel till the beginning of next year, possibly the Pak Choy will be ready for harvesting before December, if they all grow well it should be a refreshing change to the netts at that time of the year. The cucumber tunnel is still producing cucumbers not a lot but we are still getting a crate a day that's around 70 cucumbers per crate so in behind them ill plant the celery, In the big cosy tunnel we planted Kohl rabi and they won't be getting harvested till the end of October so we will put the Spring onions in behind them. The rest of the tunnels we will be finished harvesting earlier and we will make a start planting them first, in these tunnels we have salad bags, red lettuce, Swiss chard (which we haven't started to harvest yet) Rubi chard and last Parsley which again we haven't started harvesting yet.
One small problem we do have is that tunnel 5 got ripped in the last storm, I have been trying to repair it rather than having to re sheet it, but its been to windy every day and I'm trying to tape the tear with tunnel tape and I really need a wee bit of heat and no wind, so at the moment I have taped enough that it can't rip any further, so hopefully this week I'll get that done.

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