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20th August

The chillies in the Cucumber tunnel are looking really good now and there are thousands of them on the plants, the strange thing that has happened is we have two batches of 20 plants, one batch is at the bottom of the tunnel and one at the top the Cucumbers are all in the middle.
The bottom of the tunnel is around 5 degrees cooler than the top and the chilli plants are larger, and the chillies on these plants are larger but there are less, Chillies like the heat so that's a strange one, although the plants are smaller at the top of the tunnel they are hanging with chillies which are a decent size.
The weather has been a wee bit fresher this last week and there has been plenty of rain now, I had direct sowed rubi/swiss chard and mix and salad leaves seeds a couple of weeks ago and they are taking a wee bit longer to grow, than they did last month.
With the weather being a wee bit fresher the Cucumbers are slowing down, and I haven't had to de side soot or tie them up for a couple of weeks, and out in the field another crop that loves the heat is the courgettes they are also slowing down last week we did have enough for the whole week but just.
There is one crop when we start harvesting it we know that the summer is nearly over and that's the leeks, yes this week they are in the netts.
Inside the blocking tunnel the Kohl rabi, and Lettuce seeds are looking good and all have four leaves so hopefully we will be planting them next week, but the giant red celery that we done for a trial isn't showing itself yet, but celery does take ages to germinate, this celery if it does germinate is supposed to be harvested at the tail end of the year obviously in the tunnel, if it works that will be a refreshing crop for that time of the year.

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