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20th July

As I was saying last week, we have eventually managed to get into our first fully empty tunnel with the new Siroma tractor.

With this wee compact tractor we can now rotovate and roll five beds for planting, where with the Fergie being wider, we could only Rotovate and roll four beds.

And last Monday the 13th I  eventually had a full tunnel to practice with the Siroma.

We now have five beds sown with one bed of Mizuna this salad leave have a wee spicy flavour to it, one bed we have sown Mustard green in snow this one tastes like a new potato, another bed we have sown Mustard red frills, this one has a mustard taste and is bright red and the last two beds we have salad mix leaves.

These salad seeds are really fast growing, and are already about one inch in hight, that’s only six days.

When these are around six inches in hight we will cut them and mix these with the lettuce leaves, this should be a nice tasty salad bag.

In the larger ninety-meter tunnels we again could only get in four beds with the Fergie.

But last week I had half of one of these tunnels fully harvested and ready to get rotovated and re planted.

And in half of the tunnel I managed to rotovate and roll three beds, then direct sowed Rubi Chard, this means we will get six beds in these tunnels, I was thinking we would only get five again like the other tunnels, so that was a pleasant surprise.

One Job I am hoping we will get done this week, is re sheeting one of the ninety-meter cosy tunnels, this one got damaged a while back after about three days of really strong winds.

Last week we got the last of the ropes off and the old ripped polythene taken away, its now ready to get re sheeted, but I haven’t checked the weather yet.

Over the last few weeks I have been saying the courgette and cucumbers are nearly producing enough for everyone to get them, well they are ready now, and you should all be getting cucumbers and courgettes in your deliveries till the end of September (unless you don’t Want them).

Black kale is another crop that is in full swing now along with the red and green kale, Also our summer Savoy cabbage should be ready for next week, followed on closely by our Leeks and onions, that’s the field almost in full harvesting now.

And finally we will be at Glasgow farmers market this Weekend followed by Perth farmers market on the first of August.

Perth farmers market has changed its location for the time being, and it will be at the south inch carpark, until further notice.

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