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20th November

Not much to write about this week, other than it has been wet again.

There are a few field jobs, we do need to get done, but the moisture is stopping any of that happening.

One main job I have been planning on doing, is getting the new field netting over the winter cauliflower.

They are looking great, and are starting to form, but the pigeons will come in, when the snow arrives.

Usually, we put a pole through the centre tube of the fleece, and put it up on pallets, then we can drive down the row with the john deere pulling it out as we go.

As we are pulling it out, we have a box on the front forks of the John Deere, the box is full of bags that have earth in them, these are cable tied, and weight in at around twenty kilo each. We use them every year for holding the fleece down.

Every ten meters we drop a bag down, and this holds the fleece nicely in place.

But the front box weighs in at around one tonne, when it is full.

With the ground being so wet, we would sink in, especially at the bottom end of the field, here it is very wet.

And it is not looking like drying up any time soon.

So, I think we are going to have to pull the fleece out by hand.

Then carry the bags in, and drop them every 10 meters, the field is two hundred and fifty meters long, and we will need to drop four rows of these bags, to hold three rolls of fleece down.

So, it looks like we will have a fair amount of carrying and walking to be done.

We will have to walk two hundred- and fifty-meters x three just pulling fleece out and back again that is 1,500 meters on its own.

Then we will have to carry two bags, and drop them of every ten meters, which is twenty-five bags per row x four, and walking back each time to get another two bags.

A thousand meters is 0.60 miles, so I have not got a clue, how many miles we will have to walk backwards and forwards pulling fleece out, and up and down carrying bags.

But it is quite a few.

Hence no one Bellfield ever needs a smart watch, to see how many steps they do each day.

The smart watches could not cope, by piece time (9am) they would be past the weekly target, and that is just the harvesting for the deliveries each morning.

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