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21st August

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 Last week I was talking about the winter Cailiflower and purple sprouting broccoli.

And that at this time of the year, the bed weeder would usually be getting put to bed in the shed and stored away until next year.

Well on Monday morning as I was driving past in the Fergie on the way to harvest.

And the fleece that is protecting the Caulis and broccoli from the pigeons was sitting high.

So, I pulled some fleece to the side, revealing huge Cauliflower plants, and not surprisingly huge weeds.

This week’s job was now planned.

I knew we would be bed weeding these crops soon, but I did think it would be nearer the end of August.

Monday is usually busy harvesting, but we did get the fleece of off the cauliflower, and yes, the crop looks amazing.

On Tuesday after the harvesting was done, it was time to get the weeding machine on the John Deere and get in between the rows weeded, ready for the bed weeder, then onto the long job of hand weeding around the plants.

We have only taken fleece of off the first six beds which are two hundred and fifty meters long, these were the first ones planted.

We have another three rolls of fleece to still take of and weed, another six beds have cauliflower, and the other twelve have the purple sprouting.

So, there is a fair bit to be weeded.

But at this time of the year, they should hopefully only need bed weeded the once.

Another crop I was talking about last week was the beetroot that I had to re sow.

This week I had a walk through them, and they are looking great.

We will be harvesting beetroot for this week’s coming nets.

And the following week we will harvest the super sweet Chioggia beetroot.

The Chioggia beetroot is the lighter colourer beetroot that is reddish pink colour, and when cut it has rings inside like a tree inside.

The Chioggia beetroot is really sweet tasting beetroot.

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