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21st February

Over the past few Months/weeks we have had Barra, Corrie, Dudley and Eunice posted that they are going to come in for a visit.

Barra just came in for a quick visit, but couldn’t stay long enough for a chat and whisked away, Lucky for us.

But Corrie decided that she would stay for a wee bit longer, but she was like a rebellious teenager, and she had invited all of her friend’s round for a rave, as her parents were out, and completely wrecking the place.

Now we have Dudley and Eunice coming in to visit this week, fingers crossed they don’t like partying into the night like corrie did.

Fingers crossed that’s the end of the stormy weather, after this week, there has been a wee bit too much for me and my tunnels liking.

On a plus point, last week we did make a start on the blocking.

We blocked of three thousand spring cabbage seeds, and will do another two thousand this week.

They are in the hated greenhouse at the moment, this is to bring them on and protect them from the frost.

Hopefully they don’t come on to fast because at the moment we don’t have enough tunnels to plant them in.

This week planned work is, to make a start on building the new tunnel.

I would have preferred planning to re sheet the three tunnels that have no polythene left on them, but I think I will wait till the weather settles down just a wee bit.

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