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21st January

Last week was another dry week and the temperatures have been frosty in the mornings good for the newly ploughed ground.

And last week we had hoped to have blocked of the twenty thousand seeds that arrived, but other got in the way .    

Before we can put the seeds in our machine and start sowing them in the trays, we have to fill the trays with blocking compost, each tray has one hundred and forty four cells in it, and each cell takes one seed.  The seeds will then sit in this tray until it has grown into a plant and ready to be planted in the field.

We have a tray filling machine for filing the trays so last week we did get one hundred and thirty eight trays filled with compost and they are now stacked up and ready for the seeds to be sown in them, Hopefully this week we will get them all done.

In these trays we will be doing fifteen thousand Leeks and five thousand spring cabbage, these seeds can sit it out in cold temperatures so they should be ok, we can cover them and have a heated cable if the temperature really drops.

Another job that has been needing to get done and getting left was to rotovate the cosy tunnel, and last week I eventually did get it done,  I rotovated three beds each ninety meters long and rolled them. This week fingers crossed I will be direct sowing  palco spinach then we will cover them with fleece, these should be ready for harvesting around about April.

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