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21st March

Last weeks planned work got of to a bad start.

I had hired a mini digger in for three days, the plans were for getting the trenches dug around the two tunnels that are needing sheeted.

Two of the tunnels get their polythene earthed in, the big cosy tunnel its polythene gets roped down, and the new one I am building its polythene will have a base rail.

So Tuesday arrived along with the mini digger. The first job of the day is to get the leeks pulled then onto the digger work.

Well I got a phone call at 9am Erin wasn’t feeling well so was off school.

Ok bad start, but not a complete disaster.

Rab was going to start blocking seeds, so in stead he would need to get on the digger.

All sorted of home I went.

Until 10.30am.

Andrew had broken down in the middle of Dunfermline whilst delivering, no rear brakes in the van was making a noise like a screaming cat.

AAAHHH so now Rab had to come of off the digger, then take the older van down to Dunfermline, so Andrew could carry on delivering.

And Erin and me went down to meet Rab, they both came home in my van and I drove the van making a screaming cat noise all the way back to the farm, I was getting some funny looks coming through Dunfermline.

Then Rab got back on the digger and worked late,

Wednesday I was supposed to be on the digger, but the best part of the day I had to spent putting new brake discs, new brake callipers and pads on the rear of the van, then finally bleeding the brakes to get Andrew’s van ready for the next day’s deliveries.

So there was not much digger work done on Wednesday, as Rab was out delivering as Davie is on holiday.

But I did get a bit done then Rab done more overtime and dug more.

Thursday luckily was a normal day. And finally I got the trenches finished, and made a start on getting more of the new tunnel’s legs in position.

The plan for this week, is to get the three tunnels all sheeted by Wednesday.

The forecast is supposed to be good, so fingers crossed it is correct.#

And hopefully by next week’s newsletter I will be talking about all tunnels are sheeted, and blocking is well under way.

Market this week : Glasgow (Mansfield park)          

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