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21st October

In one of the big tunnels We direct sowed Milan turnips, it was just a trial to see if they would grow so late in the season.

And so far, they are looking pretty good, although they are still pretty small, but hopefully they will grow big enough for a good harvest.

I also blocked of some Romanesco cauliflower, and we planted them in the big tunnel beside the Milan turnips.

Again this was a trial, the plants are huge, and look really healthy, but no sign of any cauliflower as yet, but if they do come on that will be a great treat for the nets going out late in the year, when we are down to root veg.

On to the Pumpkins, last week I was on about our crop this year isn’t the best, and I wasn’t sure if everyone would get a pumpkin this year, but  it now looks like everyone should get one after all.

But if you desperately do want one, please get in touch, just in case our counting is out.

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