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222nd April

Well its been a week of fantastic weather, with temperatures reaching 23 by Friday, and over the weekend, and the crops in the tunnels are thriving, this week we will be harvesting our over winter trial crops , the Giant red celery, Spring onions and Chicory.

We have had to google the celery and chicory to see when it was ready, that’s what makes it interesting, we are always learning, but we still do have failures, like the Tatsoi, and red Pak choy, which ended up getting eaten by the beesties, before we could cut it and let you eat it.

Out in the field I have been ben busy bed forming the field, and we are now ready for planting this Monday.

The plants that Rab took out the tunnels for planting, were the red onions and white onions, one hundred thousand of them, and they had to we weeded as he was moving them, that took a couple of days.

Over the weekend, I prepared two beds of the long 90 meter cosy tunnel for the French beans and a early courgette that we are trialling, first I rotovated the ground to make it nice and smooth, with the new greenhouse these plants are ready now for planting, a month earlier than usual.

This is a wee bit risky, we never ever sow the Cucumbers, Courgettes or French beans till May, but because I have the greenhouse, and I can control the heat, this year we have done them, and so far its going fantastic, but they are now ready for  planting, so hopefully we don’t  get some hard cold mornings, which is the reason I never usually do these sees till May.

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