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22nd January

Plenty snow fell this week making deliveries entertaining, but on the plus side the snow covered the fields, and this made the leek harvesting a lot easier as the ground didn't freeze with the snow acting like a blanket, It was trickier harvesting the kale and cabbage as the leaves were covered in snow which did make it pretty hard to see what we were picking.
One job we are needing to get done when the freezing weather calms down is planting the 120 Raspberry canes, we had them delivered just before December and the are earthed in just waiting to be planted, once they are planted this will give us 240 raspberry bushes, so hopefully plenty to go round.
We also have 100 Strawberry plants needing planted, they are in a tunnel earthed in, with a covering of fleece to protect them, this is a crop I don't know a lot about so I’ll be asking advice before I plant them, but I’m almost certain they wouldn't like outside in temperatures below -5 let alone the -10 we have been getting on occasions.

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