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23rd July

This week we are starting to harvest our Onions, which is surprising since they haven't had any rain and they have managed to swell up pretty good. Also surprisingly without the rain we will be harvesting the summer Savoy cabbage, Spring Onions and Cucumbers which are in the tunnels and get plenty of water.
Another crop which is almost ready are the Hungarian hot wax chillies and they are pretty hot, although Freoch did manage to destroy a few plants as she was digging away at the matting trying to find a frog, she doesn't do anything to the frogs but just stands barking at them (strange), they are arrive in the Cucumber tunnels every year and help eat all the Slugs and snails, very good helpers, we haven't got a clue where they come from, and we change the tunnel that the Cucumbers are in every year, but every year they appear and help us out.
There is a wee break in the salad bags for now as we lost a whole batch, they almost look like they have burned and rotted away they are in the tunnel and get plenty of water so it's confusing, I have sown more and we planted Lettuce a couple of weeks away so the salad bags will be back soon.
The plan for this weeks work is planting more Fennel, Celery and Lettuce and also bed weeding in the field, well the bed weeding might not happen as Rab hurt his back last Thursday doing the simple job of cutting a celery, it just goes to show how easy it can be done, a simple job of bent down cutting then straightening up and twisting at the same time.

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