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24th January

At long last the gearbox has arrived back at the farm.

When we were taking the pumpkins out for our pumpkin selling day last year, the wee compact Siroma lost second gear.

That was on the 24th  of October.

By the 3rd of November, I had the tractor split and gearbox out, finding out that the second gear had lost a tooth.

After a quick call to the main Siroma dealer down in Devon, it was decided that if I got it delivered to them, they would take the gears out and replace the broken gear at no cost.

Fantastic I thought.

In the past any broken or parts needing sorted, have all been done for free and within a week, the, after sale care has been fantastic.

Well we are in Covid and let’s not forget Brexit.

Three months the tractor has been sitting in half, with loads of different nuts, bolts, pipes, levers, body kit and stuff in crates and pails.

So today  Monday 24th January I made a start at getting the gearbox back on.

A fair bit of time has passed from me dismantling everything.                                              So today a there has been a lot of head scratching, shouting and throwing spanners it has been a very colourful day.

If only a week or so had passed from taking the gearbox out to re building it,  I would pretty much remember what I had done, luckily, I have photos to go back to, but they don’t cover everything.

After two hours today I had the gearbox bolted to the front of the tractor and the rear of the tractor bolted back on.

So now I have the Siroma sitting back on its own wheels, all jacks and stands are away.

Now is the problem of re connecting all the hydraulic pipes, brakes, throttle, clutch lever and handbrake and all the rods that make them work.

Then it is the floor the frame for the seat and mudguards, and finally will be the wiring.

Sounds not too bad.                                                                                                                   All these parts are in pails with all the nuts and bolts and the larger parts are in crates.

Hopefully my memory serves me well, and everything slips into place.

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