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24th June


We have been waiting for a couple of weeks to take fleece of off the Brassicas crops.

The problem with the fleece, is that it needs to be dry, before we can take it off, and the last time we had a few dry days during the week, we needed to finish of the planting.

Well we did manage to get the Fleece of last Wednesday, and the brassicas plants are huge, but so are the weeds.                                                                                                                                                              Once we had the fleece, the fist job is then to weed the beds with the brush weeder, but the plants leaves are so huge, that the were getting caught up in the brush weeder, so we had to resort to the old grubber,

This did work pretty well, so the job for this week, is to get the bed weeder in, and get in between the plants weeded, but seemingly there is a weather warning for heavy rain on Monday yet again, so it could be Wednesday before we can make a start on that.

One job that we will need to tackle if it is wet, is to tie up the Cucumber plants, and cut of the side shoots, at long last the crop look like they it’s starting to get some growth, I would have expected to be starting to harvest Cucumbers by now, but with this years June temperatures, it has slowed things up just a wee bit, but the forecast looks like the temperatures are going to be getting around the seasonal averages from here on, Fingers crossed.

With the growing season taking a wee bit longer than usual to get going, their has been a very limited supply of seasonal vegetables on offer, at the farm, and to buy in from other producers, so this week for a wee treat we are putting Aubergine’s, in the nets.

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