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24th September

Last week we all got hit with the first big storm of the year, and it was a strong one the Tay bridge was hit with a gust of 102mph,
We did get plenty of warning it was coming so on Monday afternoon we collected loads of battons of wood and nailed all the tunnel doors shut, the worst thing that can happen is for a tunnel door to get blown of and the wind gets into the tunnel.
Well in the end we only had one tunnel which suffered damage with one huge tair in the polythene. I think the wind break and the now huge willow trees that I planted years ago for protection are doing their job.
Now I need to get the tunnel re sheeted as soon as possible because all the seeds we blocked off for all the tunnels over the winter are through and have four small leaves, so they will be needing tunnels to go into.
This week will be the last week at work for one of our staff members, Christiene who has been mums friend since they were wee girls at primary school, and came to Bellfield to help mum out over 30 years ago has finally decided to retire, she could have retired years ago but never did, not that I am going to say her age. She is going to have a wee break then is off to Australia to see her sister in February.
Christiene is also my godmother, and likes to keep everyone right including me !!! (even though i'm the boss) She will be sorely missed for not just her work but pleasant company, stories and good humour. (Christiene you can pay me for that bit later) I have said to Christiene that in these modern days there is no need to retire. Unlike when Christiene started way way back writing with a Quill pen and paper, all the way on to a amazing biro pen then ballpoint pens, Christiene has progressed to computers and laptops, and here was my thoughts. Christiene could quite happily work away on her laptop in Australia doing some of the jobs she has been doing up to now, after all she is my godmother and is supposed to be watching out for me.

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