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25th June

The Cucumbers and Chillies are growing super fast and we should be harvesting them pretty soon, Its been really hot in their tunnel, the cucumbers don't really need sunshine to ripen the crop like tomatoes do, they just need heat and plenty of it, and the forecast for this week coming is hot hot and hot.
Out in the field we have kept the bed weeding going this is a daily job at the moment, but we are getting nearer the end, we will still go over the worst of the beds now and again throughout the season to keep them clean.
Although the bed weeder did come to a stop on Tuesday, with the strong winds we had, I had to take my flying Hawks down otherwise they would have been blown away, and the pigeons came in straight away and started gobbling away at the crops, so we had to get the nett out and cover all the brassicas crops, so they are safe now.
In the tunnels I had to spend a day cutting of the Cucumber side shoots and tying them up, this will be a weekly job from now on as they grow so fast each week, taking of the side shoots helps to put all the growth into the plant producing Cucumbers, and when they reach over 6 feet we will cut the top of to stop them getting any taller, then it will just be side shoot trimming.
In the other tunnels I rotovated some more beds and we planted five thousand Fennel and five thousand Celeriac these are supposed to be planted outside but iv ran out of room so they are in the biggest of the tunnels which aren't as hot.

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