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25th March



On the 4th of March I was talking about the Leeks had germinated, and were coming on well.

We have now blocked off all the Leeks and Onion seeds, a total of two hundred and forty thousand seeds, and they are almost double the size that they were two weeks ago.

Last week I ordered all of our brassicas seeds, and we will start blocking them off this week.

A couple of weeks ago we were very lucky to be offered a free 12 foot by 8 foot Greenhouse, as long as we dismantled it the very next day, so the next day we had it dismantled and down at the farm,  it is now up and looking good.                                                                                                                                                        Inside we have a wee heater, which comes on if the temperature drops below 15.  We have chilli seeds trayed up, these usually take a long time to germinate, so we put them in the greenhouse, in here there is more light than you get in a tunnel, and now we can control the drop in temperature through the night, there is a huge difference and the chillies are already through.

With the greenhouse we also were given two long double shelved tables, and its big enough that we can get thirty four trays in, which gives us five thousand seeds.

So this will really help to get the Celery and Parsley seeds germinated, these take a long time to germinate, but now we can control the night time drop in temperature, and with the extra sunlight of the greenhouse, they should come on much quicker.

Other seeds that will benefit are the Courgette and Squash seeds, these we always leave till May before we start them, making sure Jack frost is away for the year. But this year we might just try them a couple of weeks earlier in our new Greenhouse. And hopefully laugh at Jack frost if he comes back.

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