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25th March

Last week was a bit of a stop start week for me at the farm.

Monday started of as per normal, loads of harvesting and plans for the week’s jobs.

After harvesting I had to go to Perth and pick up a new motor for our potato weighing machine.

Tuesday came and Erin was of school with the bug that is going around, so of home I was after harvesting at 9.

Wednesday turned out the same, but with Calum pulling a sickie too, although I am pretty sure he was at it, because his big sister was off again.

One pressing job that was needing sorted fast, was fitting a new conveyor belt motor for the potato weighing machine.

This machine is in the pack shed, where we pack all the nets up for deliveries.

We have a machine that can weigh all the potatoes into different weights, we usually go through over a tonne of potatoes a week.

The potatoes get put on a belt, they then go up and into 8 different cups, and the machine calculates the weights, and they then drop into nets, and David puts them in crates ready for packing.

But with the motor broken the belt would not work.

So, David had a few days of a step-up workout, going up three steps to pour potatoes into the cups.

I did have a great idea, that people pay in a gym for a machine like that.                                                   David must have done thousands of step ups with potatoes as weights.

So why waste money on a new motor, that idea went down like a lead balloon.

On Thursday kids back at school, I had the new motor on and wired up.

Conveyor belt is now working. but Davids step count has dropped dramatically.

It now almost feels like spring, in the tunnels we are harvesting salad and rhuby, and out in the field Leeks and Cauliflower.

And we now have four tunnels rotovated and ready for planting, Lettuce, kohl rabi, spring cabbage, spring onions, spinach, and Ruby chard.

It is just about to get busy.


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