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25th November

Last week was my first week out in the van doing the deliveries, before our new driver John starts on December 2nd.

And it was a week of braw weather,and some of the views you get especially around the coast of fife are fantastic.

I had a few problems with finding some customers but on the whole everything was okay.

The biggest problem was the frosty mornings, I had three days of very icy roads first thing in the morning, Wednesday morning was the worst, when I left it was minus 6.

Some customers might have noticed that I had left your veg a wee bit earlier than usual.                               Well I leave at 4am, for two reasons, one is to give me time, if I have any addresses that are tricky to find, and second is that I need to be back in Glenfarg to pick up Erin and Calum from school at 3, then get them fed and watered and out the door to their every night of the week after school activities.

When John does start, he will be later than usual, until he gets used to the routes, but hopefully he masters it quite quickly, the sat nav does help.

So on the farm Rab was left all on his own to harvest the veg, and luckily I had went down last Sunday night and harvested Leeks and Kale, because we did get the minus 6, that had been forecasted that night, and Monday morning left everything frozen solid, and it wasn’t till 1pm before the sun defrosted everything.

And unluckily for Rab he had this very morning last week and struggled to keep on top of the harvesting.

This week should be easier as it isn’t supposed to be quite so cold.

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