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25th October

Pumpkin harvest time has come round again.

We can never tell how many pumpkins we will have, until we actually cut them, then place them in batches of 50.

The reason for this, is that they grow right across the field, so we have pumpkins everywhere.

Every year we usually end up with around 1500 Pumpkins, usually we lose a lot with October frosts.

But this year has been an exception.

After we planted them in May, the weather just got hotter and hotter, and even into the end of September, we still were getting temperatures well over 20, and October has been a warm month with zero Frost, this is unusual.

The Pumpkins have loved all this warm weather, and loved even more the Fact that Jack Frost has not come back from his holidays in the Artic yet.

Last year we had a Pumpkin selling day at the farm and it went fantastic and almost sold every pumpkin.

Last Sunday we had another pumpkin day, and again it went fantastic, but we never managed to sell them all, because we have so many.

After a rough count we think there are around 600 left.

So this week we are putting pumpkins out in the deliveries.

And this time we want you all to try cooking with them, we seem to be only nation that love them more for carving than eating.

I have been told so many times at farmers markets how amazing they are for cooking with.

And you don’t need to rush into cooking them, they can store for up to six months, although I would keep an eye on them.

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