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26th February

All the news this week has been about a very cold spell coming our way from this week on, and lasting for three weeks, we now have over one hundred thousand seeds blocked, seventy thousand are in the big blocking tunnel, and the other thirty five thousand are in the wee hot box tunnel, so hopefully they have their winter woollies on.
In the hot box tunnel we have five thousand Celery, five thousand Parsley they still haven't germinated but they do take ages, also there is five thousand Kohl Rabi and five thousand lettuce they germinated around a fortnight ago and already have four wee leaves so hopefully they don't get frosted to badly we do cover them at night.
In the big blocking tunnel we have the thirty thousand early leeks and fifty thousand Onions we have upped the onions by twenty thousand this year.
And last week we put five thousand Spring Cabbage, five thousand leafy Cabbage and five thousand Celeriac, in the hot box tunnel, which is now full, but we will move the germinated plants out in a couple of weeks to make room for any seeds that need a wee bit more heat to get the seeds germinated.
This week I’m of to les 2 alpes in France skiing, probably the last time I’ll manage without Erin and Calum, they are now asking about coming, next year Erin will be 8 and Calum 6 and will have another year of Scottish skiing under their belt this year they have come on great Erin can ski everything and Calum is coming of fast, last weekend he managed every tow on his own and skied his first red run.
So with me of hunting for the cold weather, I’m of leaving Rab with a list of jobs to get on with, and if the forecast is right he will be in a deep freeze trying to pull leeks, so after he has finished harvesting there is more seeds to be blocked.
The seeds that have arrived are thirty thousand red onions, eighty thousand leeks, twenty thousand spring onions, a new trial this year, ten thousand Brussels, fifteen thousand kale and twenty five thousand cabbage, just a wee start for the season.
At least Rab won't be bored when I’m of enjoying myself, and there might not be a weekly blog next week unless i can do one from France.

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