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26th October

Last Sunday we had our first ever Pick your own pumpkin day.

Usually we grow pumpkins for just going out with our deliveries.

But this year the vans are all fully loaded with crates, and with our new web page, we can now offer  a lot of extras that can be added to the standard weekly nett of veg, these extra orders get packed in small wooden boxes , and take up room in the back of the vans, which is fantastic.

But this year, I started looking at the Pumpkins in the field, then looking at what room we had in the vans, and realised we couldn’t squeeze them in.

Even a small amount of Pumpkins takes up a lot of room.

So a very late last-minute decision was made,  we would need to try and sell them at the farm.

So I posted up on Facebook only a week ago that we would be doing a come and pick your own, and Erin and Calum painted up three signs one for the road end and couple a way in and a way out for on the day.

Another problem we had to overcome, was we have had a lot of rain and the field is really muddy with going in and out harvesting with the tractors, so there was no way we could have customers tugging out to the field through all the mud, then trying to get back carrying a couple of huge Pumpkins.

So we would need to bring them all in.

So the plan was made, to take all the pumpkins in to a grass area beside the Farm shop and restaurant.

Sunday was the planned day for selling them, so we were all in early and the three tractors were loaded up a few times each and eventually we had them all laid out and ready to go, and the tractors washed and all parked up beside them by 11 am.

It turned out to be a fantastic day, with very little planning, next year we will do it again over a couple of weekends and plan ahead.

We did keep a couple of hundred aside for any of our customers who would still like a pumpkin as an extra.

So please get in touch if you would like one.

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