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26th September

 It’s come round to the time of the year for squash plants.

It was a very warm year for them which they love, but pretty much zero rain for most of the summer.

The crown prince and uchi kuri squash plants were pretty much the same as every other year, and seemed not to be affected by the lack of rain.

The courgettes although coming to an end now, performed pretty much the same as every other year, although they didn’t start producing courgettes until a few weeks later than normal, the lack of rain obviously was the problem with that.

At the moment the pumpkins look massive, and there seems to be a huge crop, although there is so much foliage, we can’t really see what is in there.

One crop that has been affected, is the spaghetti squash.

The spaghetti squash plants are splitting, they have never done this before.

The only reason I can think that this has happened, is again the dry weather followed by monsoon rain we did eventually get.

These squash plants are a lot wetter inside than other varieties, and I’m just assuming that when they did get the long-awaited rain, they shot on and started splitting.

We will be having a pumpkin selling day at the farm this year again.

But rather than leaving to one Sunday, a week before Halloween, we are considering doing three Sundays October the 9th, 16th and the 23rd. from 11am to 4pm, we will keep you informed.

You can still order a pumpkin and we will deliver it, but they are a bit on the large side to give everyone a pumpkin with their delivery plus all the weekly veg nets, we would need to take a lorry.

I can also take pumpkins to the farmers market, if you would like to order one and pick it up from there.

Markets in October are.

Perth – Sat 1st South inch carpark

Glasgow – Sat 9th Mansfield park

Edinburgh – Sat 16th Castle terrace

Glasgow – Sat 23rd Mansfield park

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