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27th February

Last week Rab finished of blocking the eighty thousand onion seeds, and made a start on the eighty thousand early leek seeds, these will be finished early this week, then it will be onto the brassicas and more salad, and the loads of other varieties of seeds I have sitting waiting to get done.

We have started four weeks earlier than we would usually start.

And in the small tunnel, we already have forty thousand plants, all at the four leaf stage, and if the weather doesn’t turn supper cold, we will start planting these in a week or two, hopefully getting us of to a nice early start.

We Have Spring Cabbage, Kohl rabi, red spring onions and two varieties of lettuce, Spinach, yellow chard, red chard, and white chard. all they are all looking really good.

With the irrigation all up and running last week,  after the harvesting for the deliveries, I got the discs on the Fergie and went through two tunnels that are fully empty.

This week I will rotovate these two tunnels and direct sow two rows of oriental salad mix, two rows of Mizuna these will make some nice early salad bags.

In the other tunnel I am going to direct sow two rows of Japanese Radish, these grow about the size of carrots and have a nice spicy taste.

All these seeds are winter hardy, and should be ready for harvesting in around four weeks, if the weather stays like it is right now, if the temperature does drop it will just take that wee bit longer.

I am also going to take another gamble and start some courgette and cucumber seeds early, and hopefully if I can protect them from the cold, we should get a really early start on these, if they don’t get frosted.

Usually, I wouldn’t start these until April, I have lost these before with the cold. But it is worth try.

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