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28th March

With the braw week of no wind and sunshine, we now have the three tunnels re sheeted.

The weather forecast was forecasted to be good for last week, and luckily it was correct, high pressure was over us all week.

So on Monday, Rab and me got to work, and pulled the polythene over the three tunnels that were needing re sheeted.

My plan was to get the polythene puled over and fix it in place, hoping the forecast was correct, that we weren’t due any wind thought the night.

We needed to be ahead Because on Tuesday morning we had the mini digger coming back in to fill in the trenches where the polythene goes.

I have never done this before, but to get three tunnels sheeted fully in one day they would need to be ready.

Luckily again the forecast was correct, and the polythene was still where we left it, and not half way across the field.

By Tuesday evening we had three tunnels 90% finished, with just small sections at the door ends to be tightened up.

On Wednesday morning they were all done, we then went onto the new tunnel, With the legs already in place, we still had the hoops to do, so we got all the hoops bolted together and onto the tunnel legs, there are 29 hoops in total, it is now starting to look like a tunnel.

But there is still a lot of work to get done, before we can get that one sheeted.

Next Job was getting four thousand spring cabbage plants planted in a tunnel, and the irrigation sorted into that tunnel.

That’s now the first tunnel planted and watered, we actually look like a working farm again, and not just a scarp yard of bend tunnels and tunnels with no polythene.

Again all the irrigation got blown about with the storms, so the irrigation in every tunnel needs repaired.

The plan is, when I need in a tunnel I will repair the irrigation, I have already done three tunnels with four still to be done.

And finally to finish of the week Rab made a start to the blocking, with four thousand kohl rabi and four thousand ruby chard all done and sitting in a tunnel.

For the next month Rab will never be away from the blocking machine, we have hundreds of thousands of seeds needing done, fifty thousand onions and two hundred and fifty thousand leeks is just the start.

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