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28th November

The carrots are the most dirty, we pick them daily which makes them super fresh, and we do try and clean most of the mud off before we put them in the crate, but our gloves are covered in mud too, but they are super tasty.

I also bought a new machine on Sunday.

I have been looking for a second hand flame burner for a few years, but they are very expensive. The cheapest I have seen second hand was 10k.

With a flame weeder, I could bedform (beds prepared for planting in the field), A couple of weeks before we are due to start planting.

Then when the weeds come through, I will then flame burn the beds just before we plant, killing the weeds and giving the plants a great head start.

For the carrots, beetroot and neeps, i will do the same, and again in 2 weeks after sowing, they usually take about 3 weeks to come through the soil, this is where the flame weeder will work at its best, the newly sown seeds will be coming throw in weed free ground.

And last week one just popped up on facebook.  I wasn't even looking for one.

And it is exactly what i was looking for and at £750.

This one is a small one and only needs two 15 litre gas canisters,  and it spans two point two metres, which means it will burn one and a half beds, which means on the beds I will only need to do two runs.

And as an extra bonus, I can fit it on the fergie, and do the tunnels.

The only problem was it was 110 miles away in Aberdeenshire, So on Sunday we had a wee drive with the van and trailer.

Even more amazing when I arrived at his farm, I knew him. I was the manager of an outdoor pig unit in Inverbervie (Aberdeenshire) for 10 years.  Grandad had started our farm as a pig farm in 1957, then we moved over to veg.

I met him when I was in my 20s. through pig farming, how amazing is that.

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