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28th October

Every year at Halloween time, we give Erin and Calum’s primary school pumpkins for each child, Erin and Calum love it as everyone knows they have come from their farm.

This year we delivered 80 pumpkins, and it’s the first year they haven’t been fully orange.

Every child then carves their Pumpkin, and take’s it along to the school Halloween disco, which is this Wednesday.

Then Erin, Calum and me are the judging panel and we pick out the best three.

The best thing about, is seeing all the kids faces, as they come out of the school and rush over to get their Pumpkin.

We take a variety of sizes, some are huge, and it’s great to see the kids (parents) trying to get their pumpkins home, if their child has chosen a large one.

There have been some of our tunnels this year, that haven’t performed very well, but I think the problem has been drainage, throughout the summer we had some monsoon type rain storms, and some of the tunnels became pretty wet in areas, even though we hadn’t been watering.

The old field drains that cover the fields, are old clay drains and have been down for over 50 years, so more than likely there will be some not working.  

So over the next couple of weeks, I am going to lay over 800 meters of drainage piping 500mm deep, around and through the tunnels, so hopefully this will sort out our problem.

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