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29th June

 Last weekend the fleece got blowen of off the courgette’s out in the field. And we were pleasantly surprised to see courgettes ready for harvesting. . Not a lot but it’s a start, and it shouldn’t be long until we are harvesting them for everyone.

Also in the cucumber tunnel, we have cucumbers getting harvested, again not a lot only eight, but again it won’t be long until we are harvesting them for all of the run.

The cucumber plants at this time of the year, need a lot of attention, we are in them twice a week, taking of side shoots and re tying them up,

Out in the field last week we took the fleece of off the Kale, and there were loads of weeds, but also very big kale plant’s, so we got in with the brush weeder, and we have bed weeded them, and re covered them with nett, as the pigeons were in right behind us nibbling away.

We now only have one part of the field that we haven’t bed weeded, and it’s the beetroot and neeps that we re sowed, we lost all of the first batch that we sowed in May, I think it was a mixture of really hot and dry weather, and we the neep flee got in and nibbled away at the seeds.

So we had re sown it all again on the 27th of May, and covered them all with fleece, and they got lots of heavy showers, and I took the fleece of off them last week, and they are looking really good, but I haven’t managed to brush weed them as it’s been too wet.

Hopefully I will get in this week and brush weed them then we can bed weed them, but this week it’s looking wet almost every day.

And the chicks that were in the back of the John Deere, have all flown the nest, there was four eggs, and we had four wee birds they all made it and have left.

But the wee blue tit that had six eggs in the planter, hasn’t come back, and the eggs are still there, so that wasn’t such a good nesting spot, it did look a bit to open.

The wee tractor that we bought, has been working hard, and has rotovated 4 beds in the tunnels, and is going to be a great wee investment, and we will defiantly get an extra bed in each tunnel, this will give us a extra seven thousand plants in total each time we re plant a tunnel.

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