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29th September

I have been saying over the last few weeks that we were going to get the tunnels re planted with over winter crops, and we have at last finally got two tunnels re planted each have a total of seven thousand five hundred plants in them. We have another three tunnels to re plant yet, but they have to be emptied first one of which is the Cucumber tunnel, the Cucumbers done really well this year with the fantastic summer, although it wasn't as fantastic when the temperature inside the tunnel very rarely went below 50 and I had to go in and de side shoot and tie up the plants, without doing this job weekly we wouldn't get a crop.
So this week we are hoping to get into that tunnel and get all the cucumber plants out and ropes down, then get it rotovated and re planted.
In the tunnels planted so far we have Spring Cabbage, Pak Choy, Red pak choy, Tatsoi (Chinese leafy green) Parsley and Coriander, Still to be planted Spring onions, Giant red Celery and Chicory.
With the weather now turning properly cold the over winter veg in the fields have now been getting frosted and the auld tale is that this sweetens up veg like Swede, Parsnip, and the brussel sprouts.
This week we are putting in the netts the Brussel sprouts, they are already ready for harvesting which is a wee bit earlier than usual, and there is no way they will stand till December, especially if we get a good snow covering the pigeons will come in for a feast.

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