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2nd April

We have had a busy week planting in the big 90 metre this week, in that we have planted five thousand Kohl Rabi, three thousand red Little gem Lettuce and I direct sowed around twenty thousand Spinach, usually we don't fleece the plants in the tunnel after planting but with the weather this year I have fleeced them and by the looks of the weather this week, it's probably for the best more snow is on its way with cold temperatures.
The Pak Choy that we have planted in one of the other tunnels is almost ready for harvesting, again we fleeced them and hopefully should be starting to harvest them in a week or so, depending on the weather and what temperatures we are going to be getting.
One variety of seed that I have ordered, and are starting to arrive, is the Courgette and Pumpkin seeds, these seeds we can't sow till we are really sure that Jack frost has gone away into hibernation, iv been caught out in the past with being over keen and sowing them, these seeds can germinate over night and grow super fast if the heat in the tunnel is high enough, (I’m pretty sure if you put a camera on them you would see them grow) but they will die of if they only feel a touch of frost, so its a long term weather check before we even think about starting them, we have twelve thousand seeds to do, This week we filled all the trays with compost and they are ready for the seeds when it heats up.
We didn't manage to get the tunnel sheeted this week as their was just to much wind for us to be able to get the sheeting done, and this week I’m of with Erin and Calum so we won't get it done this week either, so hopefully the week after I’ll be looking to get that job done.

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