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2 nd September

Last week I had a wee look at the pumpkin crop, just like the Squash crop, the plants are huge, and have loads of stalks and huge leaves, some of the stalks are over ten feet in length, which means they are all intertwined with each other. It’s a bit like a jungle, but in amongst the huge plants there are huge pumpkins, these are a long way of being ready, which is a wee bit worrying, as they still have over months growth.

In the tunnels, we have been having a bit if a problem in one of them, there are Beasties that have been munching away at the crops, and the growth of the plants hasn’t been that good.                                                                    This is tunnel four, and in here we had our Fennel crop, every year we have a great crop of fennel, but this year we didn’t manage to harvest any, as they all bolted, it could have been just the season, but I think it’s the tunnel, we had also sown some salad seeds and Kohl Rabi both were a disaster too.                                           So last week we rotovated it, and I hand sowed white clover, I will leave this in the tunnel till early next year, this will give a good ground cover and supress the weeds, and will fix nitrogen for the Cucumbers which are due to go in this tunnel next year, and hopefully get rid of the invisible Beasties that are living in here.

I have also sown white clover in one of the big cosy tunnels, but this tunnel only has a net cover as its where the Raspberries are, so I have rotovated that area and that should be great for planting early spring cabbage in there at the start of the year.

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