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30th August

In the tunnels last week we direct sowed a few varieties of seed that we haven’t tried before.

It is three different types of Radishes, they are supposed to be sown at the end of August to the end of September, so we thought we would give them a wee try.

One is called Mooli Minowase. I had been asked at the farmers market if we could grow them.                                                                                                                                          So onto Tamar seeds again, and there they were. They are a long white radish the roots grow to over 25cm long, and have a crisp mild taste great for Asian cookery.

The other variety is called Rosa and they again grow like a carrot but these are dark purple and are supposed to be hot and crispy and great in a potato salad.                                         The last one was called Black Spanish round; these have a black skin with white flesh and a peppery flavour.

We direct sowed these, last weekend and already they have germinated and through the soil.

In one other tunnel we also rotavated another tunnel again that had salad mix in it, and planted five thousand spring cabbage, these should grow nicely then just sit till the beginning of next year depending on our weather.

And sitting waiting to be planted we have another five thousand Rubi chard, three thousand Kohl rabi, three thousand lettuce and lastly three thousand Pak Choy.

Hopefully we should get these planted next week.

With us going into September we are now starting to plant the tunnels with plants that can survive the cooler temperatures, and some plants that should sit through the winter, and give us a nice fresh harvest, when all that is available are root veg

We will direct sow another couple of batches of mixed salad leaves, which should take us till the end of September.

Hopefully the Radish seeds we have sown will be ready for harvesting in six weeks, hopefully they are as tasty as they are supposed to be, if they are we should just manage to re sow another batch before it is too late.

Fingers crossed.

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