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Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent at the BBC good food show in Glasgow, it was a busy long weekend, its the first time we have done this show and decided that with our web page going live it was a show that we needed to do.
Our web page is now live and there is loads of interest, we are having teething problems as we expected, mainly with the post code area but we fully expect that it will iron itself out when we get used to working with it.
Back at the farm the broad beans that we direct sowed in the cosy tunnel are now up and through the soil, broad beans are usually sown direct in the ground outside they area hardy plant, but for a wee trial this year I though I’d sow them in the cosy tunnel, this tunnel is 90 meters long and doesn't have doors, also the sides aren't earthed in, so there is plenty of ventilation, outside sown broad beans are usually ready for harvest around April time, but my idea is that in the cosy tunnel we should get a harvest around a month early, lets hope but failing that broad beans are great feeding crop and take nothing out of the soil but put nitrogen into the soil, so they are great for planting before next years tunnel crop.
As you will have noticed there is sweetcorn in your netts this week, hopefully they are OK, this years crop is around about 6 weeks later than last years, they haven't enjoyed our Scottish summer, the problem with harvesting them is that we can't see if they are fully formed, so all we can do is feel the cob and if it feels full we pull it then cut of the top, then we can have a wee look to see if its OK, I have had some home for Erin and Calum and they were about 80% ready but after boiling them they were braw, the sweetcorn is Erin and Calum's favourite crop that we grow, so I will be growing it every year from now on.
Out in the field this week the weather has been nice and dry for a change, so I got the plough on and started ploughing where the onion crop has been, hopefully the weather holds till next week and I’ll get the bed former and and we can get the broad beans planted out in the field, again its getting late but it's taken ages for the ground to be dry enough so I can get it ploughed.

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