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31st July

This week I bed formed more ground, for the purple sprouting broccoli.

With all the over winter cauliflower planted, it was just the purple sprouting broccoli needing planted.

With a showery week, it was Wednesday before we got to planting them, unfortunately I had not bed formed enough ground, the spacing for the purple sprouting is a wee bit wider than the cauliflower.

So, over the weekend I will bedform another four beds, these beds are two hundred and fifty meters long, and we will get them planted as soon as we can weather permitting, so we will have a lot of over winter produce planted.

The only other thing we will plant in the fields is broad beans, we will do those at the end of August.

In the tunnels a few months ago, I had planted some dwarf French beans, these do not need to be tied up, and they have come on well, and the plants are now hanging with French beans.

So, we might have some ready for next week.

We have made a start on harvesting some cucumbers, but they are slow this year,

They go off to an amazing start with the roasting weather, but over the last month it has just been warm with loads of cloud cover, hopefully the weather heats up and the sun comes out for a full week and they will shoot on.

Out in the field there is a load of harvesting every day, then it is back on the bed weeder.

We are busy going over the leeks for the last time, this is the third time, then it will be over the onions the third time also.

And we will then bed weed the beetroot that we had to re sow, and we are seeing carrots at long last that I re sowed, they will need bed weeded eventually.

And lastly, we will need to bed weed the over winter cauliflower and purple sprouting that we have just planted.

And then the bed weeder will be parked up for the winter, to everyone’s great delight,

Over the winter this year I will need to re place the rear axle that drives it, I have had to do a couple of repairs this year out in the field.

So, a complete strip down of the axle is needed and a new one, made up and re placed for next year.

Unfortunately, I cannot order one, because I made the whole bed weeder up myself, there is no spare parts available.

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