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31st October

There has been no newsletter over the last two weeks, it has been a tad busy with come and pick your own pumpkins at the farm.

This year we done it over two weekends, in the past we have only done one day.

Before we start, I always put two hundred pumpkins away, and stored in a separate place.

These are for local children, that we donate to every year for free.

Erin and Calum’s Primary school in Glenfarg, have been getting pumpkins from the first day Erin was in P1, she is now in her first year of secondary school, Calum is in p5.

So for the last seven years our local primary school has had Bellfield pumpkins, and we will keep doing this for as long as we grow them.

There are only 98 children including the nursery, in Glenfarg school, and its priceless seeing all their faces, when they come out to all the pumpkins lined up.

This year the nursery were outside as we were unloading, and they were so excited, in the end the teachers didn’t even try to get them back inside.

We try as best as we can to get even sizes, so there isn’t to much squabbling over the big ones.

The others go to Beavers, Cubs, guides and scout groups in Abernethy where the farm is.

And that usually leaves enough for customers who want to order one along with their delivery.

This year we were left with one thousand four hundred, for our two pumpkin days.

And luckily, we had good weather, and by the end we were only left with about one hundred and fifty pumpkins, by the end of this week they should all be away.

Pumpkin year over again.

We are already at the time of the year that I start placing my seed order for next year.

It has come around quick, I have ordered all of our onion, leek, and brassicas seeds, these seeds are the ones we start first, and are the biggest amounts, around one hundred and fifty thousand of each variety.

I also ordered the peat free compost that we need to bring all the seeds on.

And it is very lucky that I did.

We go through six tonne every year.

And it is very lucky that I did order it early, as the price was going to be going up quite a bit by November the 1st.

So we are now all ready for the blocking season to start, even though it is three months away.

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