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3rd April

This week we got almost all the squash plants blocked.

Again this is earlier than I would usually do them, so fingers crossed we don’t get hit with a severe frost.

We now have two thousand Courgettes, one thousand Uchi Kuri, one thousand Spaghetti, and five hundred Blue Kuri done, these are the usual varieties we do and are always good and tasty.

Each year we always try new varieties.

The new ones this year are, five hundred blue ballet, five hundred sweet dumpling, five hundred Tuffy, one hundred Turks Turbin, and one hundred Delicata, and still to do are the one thousand Pumpkins.

So hopefully the new varieties are good and tasty, we will have to wait and see.

One problem we have had, is the mice have been having a feast with some of our newly blocked seeds.

Our Brussels, red cabbage, round cabbage and kohl rabi seeds, seem to have become their favorite after dinner snack.

We haven’t lost them all but they have munched their way through a fair amount of them.

So I had to re order one thousand seeds of each variety to replace the lost ones.

This time we have put pallets on top of the crates we use to harvest, and we have put the blocked seed trays on these.

So unless the mice have harnesses and ropes or are circus mice I hope they will be safe.

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