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3rd August

Last week we managed to get the cosy tunnel re sheeted.

On the 24th May we were hit with about three days of strong winds, and the polythene got ripped and blown of off this tunnel.

We had to wait before we could re sheet it until we had harvested all the plants that were growing in it.

The reason for this is that we would stand all over them, as we are pulling the new polythene over, and when the polythene is over, we need to get in with the Fergie and the trailer, so we do need the tunnel to be pretty much plant free.

Time was starting to run out though, as we have blocked five thousand over winter Cauliflower seeds, five thousand spring Cabbage seeds and five thousand Rubi chard seeds.

The Cauliflower and cabbage seeds will get planted in this tunnel and will sit till early next year for hopefully a March / April harvest.

And that Rubi chard will be planted in one of the smaller fifty-meter tunnels, this will give us a good harvest up till the end of the year.

At this time of the year, its time to plan seeds that will get planted around August, September and October for in the tunnels.

We will also block Pak choy seeds in September again these will be planted in the tunnels and should be ready for harvesting March / April.

This week we are harvesting the direct sown salad seeds that I had sown direct into the tunnel two weeks ago.

This is going to be a very tasty salad bag, in it will be four different Lettuce, mixed salad leaves, Mizuna, Mustard red frills and a salad leaf called mustard green in snow this is very tasty and tastes a bit like new potato.

Also this week it is time to rotovate out the lettuce in tunnel one, in here I will direct sow the same seeds that we are harvesting for this week’s salad bags, this is where the new wee siroma tractor is at its best we can now get five beds of plants in each tunnel.

And in the big cosy tunnel we re sheeted we can now get six beds, were before we only got four.


This weeks farmers market is at Glasgow (Mansfield park)

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