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3rd December

Over the last few newsletters I have been on about getting the tunnels rotovated and planted with over winter crops.
All the plants that we have planted are growing well, But the Pak Choy is getting eaten by some pesky bug, I would have thought it was a wee bit cold and late in the year for the bugs still to be active, and we can't see what it is that is eating them.
Hopefully we get some nice fresh cold weather that kills them of and the plants recover, so fingers crossed.
One last tunnel that hasn't been re planted yet is the big cosy tunnel this has the red Kohl Rabi in it, I had sown the Kohl rabi seed later than we have ever done before hoping that we would get a nice crop of Red Kohl rabi for the Christmas nets. And they have grown really well and have very large healthy shiny leaves but the Kohl rabi eating part are splitting and haven't grown that large.
So that was a failure, and last week I rotovated them in and this week I will rotovate again and direct sow some winter spinach.
Christmas deliveries
The double Christmas nets will be delivered the week commencing the 17th of December, so they will be double for your vegetable net, eggs and goodie bag, so for example a £14.00 vegetable and fruit net shall become a £28.00 net, and a goodie would become a £26.00 goodie, the milk shall stay the same quantity you usually get as will any extras you get, if you need any extras just let us know,if you just want your normal order that week please call or e mail the office as soon as possible, also if you want to have an order that week and it is not your usual week for delivery just let us know.

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