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3rd June

Sunday was a wet day, which left the field a wee bit damp for us on Monday morning.

The plan for the week had been to bedform ground, we still have sixty thousand leeks and ten thousand courgettes and Squash plants all waiting patiently to get planted.

The Late leeks have now been sitting waiting for me to get ground bedformed for over two weeks, and now the Courgette and Squash plants have had a growth spurt, and are needing planted also.

So it’s fingers crossed that the weather this week, brings some sunshine and wind, to dry out the field so I can get it worked, and we can start planting.

With the field being to wet to bedform, we did manage to start bed weeding the onions in the field, the bed weeder is a implement we put on the back of the tractor, this has three beds on it. We lie face down, on these beds and we then weed in between each plant as we go along, saving the knees and the back from how we used to do it, hands and knees, after it was to hard to hoe.

Then the rain really came in on Wednesday night, and on Thursday we couldn’t get near the field on, so Thursday and Friday were spent in the tunnels Weeding and strimming, and one job that I had been putting of , was tying up the two hundred and fifty Cucumbers.

The Cucumbers need string under there root ball when we plant them, this string is around two meters long, and is tied up to rope just under the tunnel roof, we then tie up the cucumbers as they grow, they would grow over two meters tall, if I didn’t top them.

But it’s always a thought of going up and down the steps two hundred and fifty times tying up the string, but it’s done now and they are looking great.

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