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3rd September

It was a busy week last week getting ready then setting up for the Dundee Flower show.
We have been doing Dundee Flower show for many years, and although it isn't very good for us selling produce it works fantastic for promoting our box scheme, and we always get lots of interest.
So our main job for creating a fantastic display on the days of the show, is to walk through all of our crops and try our best to select a few of the best out of each variety, as if we are entering veg for the veg showing competition in the marque next to the producers tent. This job usually takes almost a whole day.
This year I had to go over to Dundee on Thursday to set up, as Erin and Calum were mountain bike racing at Dunoon on the Sunday.
Usually on a market day it takes me around one hour to set up my stall, but setting up for a display at a show can take me up to three hours, I always have a idea at the start of the way I would like it to look, but usually its by the third attempt that I have it the way I like. This is why I go myself because any one I take to help ends up getting annoyed by me wanting it all taken down again to re start because something doesn't look right even though I can't put my finger on what it is.
Back to the farm, this year we are going to try out a wee test on sowing some extra seeds a wee bit later, I was watching Monty on Sunday morning gardening program, and he said now was a great time to sow Spinach, Radish and Pack Joy for December harvest, there were other veg he mentioned but these I already do, so I have ordered the seeds and we will get them blocked and try it out and see. If it works we will have some taste veg at a time of the year when there isn't much variety going around.

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