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4th December

December already that came up pretty quick, Santa will be here soon, Its a pretty quiet time of the year in the field, but in the pack shed for Jacqui it turns in to a really busy time of the year.
Its now the time of year that I start thinking about what we are going to be growing for next year and start to get my seed orders in and ready to start blocking in January, Most of the seeds are pretty much the same each year amounts vary a wee bit and I always try out at least half a dozen new varieties, sometimes the are a complete failure, a wee bit like the five thousand Pak Choi we blocked over a month ago, it isn’t a seed that gets done so late in the year, but it is a hardy plant and I though it was worth a try we might lose the lot to the cold when we do plant it, but if we don't it'll be a great veg to get early in the year when there isn't much variety going around.
So out in the field this week we eventually got the last of the ground cover matting up that was for the courgette, pumpkins and sweetcorn and got it all ploughed, so that's a great job done and out of the way,
This week coming I think we will get the raspberries planted, but first we will need to put up a ninety meter fence so we can tie them up, but iv been hearing stories of really strong winds and loads of snow so the jobs might change if that’s the case.
Loads of snow would be good though as I promised Erin and Calum skiing last weekend because the run's at every ski centre were opening, but after Saturday they all were left with no snow cover apart from the Lecht the furthest away and probably the slowest twistiest roads to get to, but a promise is a promise so of we went on Sunday morning two and a half hours to get to but was well worth the day out, Erin was out a couple of days last year but it was Calum's first day out on the snow and both loved it, not a a lot of turns were getting made it was just a blast to the bottom. Both have been getting lessons on a dry slope and it seems to be working.

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