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4th November

Last week we pruned back all the Raspberry bushes, there are two hundred and fifty of them, so it took a couple of days to prune them all and take away all the cuttings.

The tunnel that they were is, is one of the large cosy tunnels, this hasn’t had a polythene cover on it, but we did have a nett cover over it, just to keep the birds away form eating all the rasberries.

This week I’m picking up polythene and we will get it covered over the next couple of weeks, and ready for next year.

On the big cosy tunnels, the polythene is held on by rope, each tunnel hoop has two eyes on base of them, and on here we tie the rope around, there are 74 hoop’s, so there is a lot of tying of ropes to get it nice and tight.

The cosy tunnels are 90 meters long and they are open ended, and the polythene doesn’t come all the way to the ground, so they aren’t as warm as the other five tunnels, the other five tunnels all have doors at each end and the polythene is earthed in, so they really do retain the heat.

In the summer the temperatures between the cosy tunnels and the normal tunnels is huge, so we can plant veg that really likes the heat in the normal tunnels, and others in the large cosy tunnel’s.

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