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4th September

At last, the payments are working on the website, now we have had to change card provider, so if you were previously ordering on the website, what you will have to do is cancel your present order and restart a new order as if you are a new customer, then it will work for taking recurring orders, sorry it has taken so long.


September is here, Autum is on its way, and usually squash harvesting time.

But as I have said, this year’s squash crop has been a disaster, with the result of the long and very warm dry spell of weather we had after planting them.

So, this week I decided it was time for a wee look.

There were ten thousand plants planted, so it takes up a fair area, around the size of two football pitches.

And after taking of the fleece, and noticing the lack of plants, it was then we will have too just wait and see what comes.

So we were never in weeding, with the bio degradable mulch film, we do not have to weed much, but we do get the strimmer out and do the tractor wheel tracks, and pull the weeds out that have come through the hole beside the plant.,  

But with the lack of a crop remaining, we never wasted any time weeding, and concentrated on the other crops.

So, it was a bit of a hunting game. And yes, there are squash for harvesting, but not enough for everyone, but we will be putting them on the web page for ordering if you want any.

We have the usual spaghetti, crown prince, uchi kuri, and bon bon, but numbers we are not quite sure.

Out in our orchard, our cooking apples are looking amazing, so are the eating apples.

The eating apples are not quite ready yet, but the cooking apples are, they will also be on the web page for ordering.

I also had a walk through the purple sprouting broccoli and winter cauliflower, they are looking amazing, and should produce a nice crop.

There are already some heads of purple sprouting broccoli, not on a lot of the plants but a few have some nice small heads, they are a wee bit earlier than I was expecting.

But we do have two varieties, and one does come way later in the year.

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