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5th August

  This week we started harvesting the savoy cabbages, and they are looking great, we are almost getting 100% cut, so they have obviously loved this warm and thundery weather.

One of the reasons that I am surprised at them looking so good, is that we gave them a quick bed weed at the very start, then had to go over the Leeks and Onions then the beetroot.                                                                 And never managed to go over the cabbages again before we started harvesting them. They are sitting in a a lot of weed, but one thing the weeds have helped us with, is keeping the Pigeons at bay, they won’t fly in and land unless there is a clear space.

We have finally finished bed weeding the onions and Leeks, so this week we will be going in to weed the other cabbages.

There are still three other varieties of cabbages left after the summer Savoy’s, these other varieties were sown at the same date, but they all grow at different rates, and will be ready for harvesting at different times through the year.

In the tunnels last Week we rotovated out 3 beds of veg that we have already harvested, then rolled it, and planted seven thousand Chinese cabbage and seven thousand Spinach plants.

This week we might be able to rotovate the Kohl Rabi and Beetroot that are finished in the big tunnels and as trial plant fourteen thousand Romanesca Cauliflower, this will be a trial, out in the field over the last two years it hasn’t grown that well

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