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5th February

Another week, and more storms.

On Wednesday we got hit with another storm, have not got a clue of this one’s name.

On last week’s newsletter I had been talking about the two storms we had, and had come out of them un scathed.

But Wednesdays storm we faired ok, but one tunnel did get a nice big rip.

This rip started at the front north facing part of the tunnel and ran right along the ridge of the tunnel, and about ten meters long.

The worst thing you can see, after a storm is polythene flapping around in the wind.

It is not always un repairable, it really depends where the rip is.

Luckily this rip was an easy repair.

So out came the polythene tape, and after about two hours work, we had it all taped up and looking pretty good.

We will need to re sheet this tunnel.                                                                                Hopefully it will last through the summer, and when the weather is nice warm and calm, we will re sheet it.

As we were busy weather and tunnel watching, there was still work to get on with.

With the tunnels full of crops, they were needing their first weed, so out came the hoe’s and weeded away, finishing of with nice weed free tunnels.

And, we had seeds needing blocked.

We now have five thousand spring cabbage, three thousand spinach and three thousand ruby chard all done and in the small tunnel, this one heat up quickly, and we can easily pull fleece over if we know there is a hard frost on its way.

And in one of the cosy tunnels, we rotovated, and then direct sowed oriental salad mix.

These seeds germinate in really cold temperatures, and can handle frost.

So hopefully we will be harvesting in the tunnels by the end of this month.

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