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5th October

Last week, after we had all the harvesting done, we started work on the new shed we are building, most days we can’t get started on it till after 12, with all the harvesting that is needing done.

At this time of the year there is always an abundance of crops in the fields and the tunnels, so the harvesting usually takes most of the morning, some of the crops take a wee bit longer than others to harvest.

One example is the leeks, we usually hand pull six hundred leeks each day, but as we pull them each one needs to be dressed, before going to the pack shed.

The dressing of the leek, involves first cutting the roots off then cutting the very tips off of the leek leaves, and lastlly we pull off two or three of the outer leaves, leaving a nice looking clean leek, a wee bit time consuming but they would look pretty terrible of we didn’t do this.

The Swede we have to cut the leaves and the roots of off each one, the beetroot we had to take the weeds out of the leaf and any poor looking beetroot leaf off, we are uaually harvesting around eight hundred of these.

And the most time consuming job of the summer months, is bagging and weighing up the hundreds of salad bags we need to do after we have cut them.

Back to the shed, we now have the 20 meter by 20 meter part of the shed almost ready for the sides and the roof to be put on.                                                                                                                   This week we will be adding the ten meter by five meter part onto the side of the shed, so far we have only spent £38 on screws.

For the sides we will be using the sawn off bark from the trees, as the trees arrive in at the sawmill they cut the tree into a nice even square, leaving loads of long lengths of wood with bark still on it.

This part is usually waste, so we are getting as much as we want for £40,

And the roof which i was expecting to be very costly is only coming in at £700.

So the full bill for our 3.5 meter high L shaped shed 10 meter by 10 meter plus another 10 meter by 5 meter is only coming in at £778,

The shed will be big enough to put all of our machines in and the John deere, and all of the trays we have for blocking the seeds, and should look pretty natural with all the wooden posts bark sides and green roof.

So far we haven’t had any hiccups, and its all gone to plan, but as I don’t have any proper plan written down as such, I’m expecting a hurdle at some point.

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