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6th August

We were so busy on Thursday with the Cucumbers again that we never got a chance to finish them of before I had to go and collect Erin and Calum, so they had to come down to work to help after I picked them up.
So they helped and I had a wee order to finish of for a customer of mine in Glasgow on Friday, it was only a couple of Little gem Lettuce and some basil, well they insisted on cutting and bagging them, well if they do take over in years to come you'll all be getting very full netts of veg, a a couple of ;lettuce in the bag turned out to be five and a wee bag of basil must have ended up weighing in at around 800 grams.
They also helped to finish of hand weeding the Celeriac and barrowing out the weeds, although on a couple of occasions Calum was in full swing weeding away that there was Celeriac getting weeded along with the weeds, he did try to replant them although after getting ripped out of the soil by the scruff of their neck I’m pretty sure they won't be growing ever again.
At long last the bed weeding is finished, we have finished around four weeks earlier this year, which has been because of the long sustained dry weather.
And at long last last week we got the long awaited rain, and we had rain almost every day, this will really help to fill out the leeks, although the Onions that we are now harvesting seem to have grown really well in the dry hot weather.
Last week we made a start on harvesting the Uchiki kuri squash, usually we get two to three per plant, but this year we are only getting one per plant, but the plants are huge, so it looks like the plants have grown well in the hot weather but put all their growth into growing rather than producing, we experienced this with Cucumbers a few years ago, I had the though of growing some in the tunnel to get a early crop, but what happened was I had huge plants that took over everything like triffids, but hardly produced any volume of Courgette.

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