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6th February


One job we still have to finish is getting the new tunnel sheeted.

We had to order another tunnel after last Januarys storms.

We lost the polythene of off, four tunnels, and one was completely destroyed, with all the frame work completely bend.

We had the new tunnel all built and ready for polythene by September the fifth.

It had taken us until September because we had all the planting, weeding and harvesting to do through spring and summer.

I was going to pull the polythene over, but decided I would be better waiting until this winter was over.

But now I’m getting itchy feet, last week we got all the hot tape on the hoops.

The hot tape is a thick sticky sponge tape.

This is supposed to protect the polythene from rubbing against the metal of the hoops, and prevent wear.

I think it is an expensive gimmick, we have two cosy tunnels, the polythene of these tunnels is roped to the tunnel legs, rather than dug in like the others.

These two tunnels have never had hot tape on them, and they have never torn at the tunnel hoops ?.

Any way the hot tape is on, it came with the tunnel, and all the clamps have tuck tape over them, they do wear the tunnel polythene.

So, if we do get a nice calm day of weather this week, I’m going to get the polythene on, then it will be fitting irrigation.

One last thing.

We are very reluctantly, going to have to put our prices up.

We have tried to hold off, hoping that things might start to calm down just a wee bit, but unfortunately, they have not.

Everything from the thousands off seeds we buy right the way through the whole business to the seeds growing and becoming nice and fresh veg arriving at your door has gone up in price.

So from the 1st week in March the nets and goodie bag shall go up by £1.00, and the fruit bags by £0.50.


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