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6th July

After the Fleece was blown of off the courgette last week, I had hoped for nice warm weather to help bring the courgettes on for harvesting.

But we had a week of wet, windy and not so warm temperatures.

Wet is good for the courgettes but they hate the wind and would have preferred it to be about five degrees warmer than it has been.

So last week we only harvested around ten kilos of Courgettes, but it is only the start of July, and it won’t be long till we are in harvesting every day, for the whole of our deliveries.

The Cucumbers are much the same, we are now harvesting just under one hundred a week, which has doubled from the week before, that is pretty good as they are still in full growth, and are only half way there.

And it won’t be long till we hare harvesting around two hundred every day.

Out in the field we will be harvesting red bunching onions this week, all the onions and leeks have shot on with all the rain, and have almost doubled in size since last week.

This week we will be back at the Cabbage crop, and giving them their final bed weed.

We had taken the fleece of on the 8th of June, then gave them a brush weed, and bed weeded them.

We had to put fleece back on after bed weeding them, because they were to small just to have the nett on for protection against the pigeons.

So now the fleece is the cabbages for good, and I went through them with the grubber, I couldn’t use the brush weeder this time because the cabbages are far too big.

After we get them bed weeded this week, we will be putting nett over the crop, which we can easily move to the side before we harvest.                                                                                                                                          We will be starting to harvest the cabbages in the next couple of weeks, the Famosa summer Savoy cabbages are almost ready.

We will be harvesting Fennel this week out of tunnel six, they are a wee bit smaller than we would usually harvest them, but they look like they might bolt, then we would just need to rotovate them in, the biggest cause for this happening  is big variations in temperatures, which we have been having over the last couple of weeks.

We will also be harvesting one surprise crop this week, when we had taken of the fleece of off the cabbages, I had forgotten that we had planted kohl rabi at the end of one of the cabbage rows, we had done this because we had ran out of room in the tunnels, and when I had taken the fleece of off the cabbages I was really surprised to see them and the size of them.

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