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6th March

We had an extra couple off workers this week, Erin and Calum were at work with the schools being off, which gave us an extra couple of workers.

So with lots to do they started with giving Rab a help with the blocking, Calum was filling the trays with compost, then putting them on the belt, for the machine to fill them with seeds, as they come out after the seeds are in the blocks, Erin was covering them with vermiculite, then stacking them, ready for Rab to load and water them then onto the trailer.

After each trailer load, it is of to the tunnel to lay them out.

While they were busy doing that, I got the rotovator on the Fergie, and rotovated tunnel five, then rolled out four beds.

The roller has three rows of squares on it, and these compress holes in the soil, which leaves each bed with three rows in it, this gives us nice straight rows to plant in with even spacing between each plant.

But these beds I was rolling were for direct sowing oriental salad mix, and Radish.

I have a small two wheel hand push seeder, that we can change the plates in it for different size seeds.

Just as I was away to start sowing, Calum appeared and took over.

Now we have one tunnel almost full of blocked seeds in trays, and another tunnel fully sown with seeds.

These oriental salad mix and radish seeds, in the summer usually only take three days to come through, but next week it looks like we are getting winter back and some cold temperatures, so we will jus need to wait and see.

We also have the small tunnel full of plants, waiting to be planted, they are all at the four leaf stage, and I will be planting them pretty soon.

Fingers crossed the cold weather isn’t seriously cold and frosts everything.

That was always the risk, starting the season of so early.


Just a note to remind you, the nets go up by £1.00 on the 1st of March, and the fruit by £0.50.

Please remember to leave your nets out for your driver.

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